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Protein Shakes For Weight Loss- They Should Be Taken After Or Before Workout?...

Protein shakes have proven to be very effective and ideal supplement for weight loss. Consuming a protein shake can effectively help you in effectively optimizing your workout which can lead you into burning a larger amount of calories and maintain muscle mass.

There has always been a debate on when should be a protein shake consumed for best weight loss results before a workout or after a workout? The answer is both the time why? Let us have a look at it.

Before Workout

Protein shakes are considered to be the best pre workout shakes as it helps you in improving your workout performance. Consuming a protein shake as a part of your regular meal two to four hours before a workout can increase your endurance level which enables you to take your workout to the next level. So the more you workout it is likely that a larger amount of calories and fat you will burn which will initially lead you to a better weight loss. You will find some well blended and high-end pre-workout shake for weight loss by Vitaloid.


Experts suggest that one should take a serving of protein shake within 30 minutes of workout to have an effective weight loss. A major advantage of consuming protein after a workout is that it helps in repairing and recovering the damaged which might have caused to your muscles during a workout. This can get your body re-energized quickly and make it ready for a more intense workout which means you can lose more amount of body fat and calories.

But one thing you should know that protein shakes will likely add a lot of extra calories to your diet which means that you should have it in a certain portion. So that you do not exceed the calorie count.

Some Jaw-Dropping Benefits Of Weight Loss

People spend months and months sweating and exercising for losing that extra amount of fat to be in shape. Losing weight is not an easy task but yes it does cater some major benefits.

Nutrisystem today has become the most preferred weight loss partners today as it provides some very effective diet plans and meals. On you will find a wide range of Nutrisystem promo codes, coupons, and vouchers which you can redeem to avail certain money-saving options on their diet meals and plans.

But weight loss just doesn’t mean shedding extra pounds but it also caters some major benefits which are not seen by most of us.

So here are some serious benefits of losing weight which is unknown to a lot of people.

Better Sleep

Weight loss actually helps to get a better quality sleep. A research states that losing just 5% of weight can help you get better sleep and also a longer one. A good sleep can help you avoid apnea and snoring.

Better Hormonal Balance

Our thyroid glands generate and release 2 vital hormones which not only regulate our metabolism but can also affect muscle strength. So when you melt extra body fat your hormones become steady and makes it easier for you to maintain your further weight loss.

Better Mood

Losing weight just doesn’t bring your body in shape, but it also improves your mental fitness. Your daily workout releases feel good chemicals which are known as endorphins. It is the chemical which is responsible for the hike you feel post workout. They interact with the receptors which are present in your brain and reduces pain and delivers a positive feeling in the body similar to that of morphine.

So it can be said that weight loss is beneficial in every means and it is not just limited to losing extra weight. It also helps in enhancing various health aspects of our body.

What Makes These Fast Food Chains Stand Out From Others...

Fast foods have today become the food of fast people which are living in today’s world. This food may not be good health wise but it is definitely some of the cheapest and tastiest stuff you will ever find. The best part about fast food is that it can be quickly made and quickly eaten just on the go. We can’t now possibly imagine our lives without any of the fast food chains as we all are fully dependent on them today.

Here are some fast food chains which have proved their grounds in the world.


It is world’s largest fast food chain and it was started in 1940 in California by duo of brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald and soon it became world’s largest fast-food empire. It serves burgers, wraps and rolls along with shakes, desserts etc. McDonald’s servers a menu which is designed to suit a place geographically and culturally. McDonald’s consist of more than 35,000 outlets around the world and their sales are always on heights catering a revenue of $289.1057 billion in 2013.


Subway is an American fast food chain which shares its forte in making some extraordinary submarine sandwiches, which is popularly known as subs and salads. Subway is considered to be as one of the most healthier options amongst all the other fast-food chains. It was established in 1965 by Fre DeLuca and Peter Buck in Connecticut and was originally known as Pete’s Super Submarines in 1968. Later on it was renamed as Subway. They sell subs, wraps, salads and various other baked goods. Today Subway consists of 42,070 outlets in around 107 countries. As being one of the healthier eating options, it has tremendous fame all around the world.


KFC whose full form is Kentucky Fried Chicken which was started in 1930 in Kentucky by Colonel Sanders. But its first franchise was started later on in 1952. It is world’s 2nd largest chain of restaurants in terms of sales, only after McDonald’s. It serves fries,chickens, desserts, milkshakes etc. KFS was one of the fast-food chains which expanded internationally. It has today 18,875 outlets in around 118 countries all across the globe. They cater a secret recipe of 11 herbs and spice that is known to only a few.

Healthy Eating Habits One Must Inculcate

A lot of people struggle a lot in maintaining their health and weight though they have tried every type of diet and food plans and have drained a lot of sweat under the sun.

People try to cut out their nutritional intake which can prove to be negative for your diet. The success of maintaining health lies in how well one has developed their healthy eating habits.

Healthy eating habits have been proving to be very vital in maintaining your desired health.

So let’s have a look at some very beneficial healthy eating habits which can prove to be a very great break through.

  • Eat Healthy Unprocessed Food

Majorly today we tend to buy packed food which consumes a very less preparation time. But these types of food consist high amount of fats and salts in it which are not that much healthier.

So inculcate a habit of cooking meals with fresh vegetables, milk and other ingredients. Unprocessed food can vitally help you wrap up the health benefits.

  • Move Towards Healthy Whole Grains

A research has proved that whole grains consist of a wide range of nutrients and fibre than the refined ones. In addition, they have more texture, flavour and nuttiness compared to the refined ones.

So its a better option to move on to eating healthy whole grains in order to stay fit and healthy.

  • Switch To Healthy Cooking Methods

The best way to stay fit and healthy is to switch your regular cooking habits into a much healthier one.

For example Grill or barbecue your meat, fish and vegetables.

  • Eat In Portions

Today the world has become superseded which has made it very hard to find out right healthy portions.

Most people have a habit of eating excess food than required and after that, they complain about their health.

So it’s pretty much advisable to consume that much portion of food only that is required.