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Protein Shakes For Weight Loss- They Should Be Taken After Or Before Workout?

Protein Shakes For Weight Loss- They Should Be Taken After Or Before Workout?

Protein shakes have proven to be very effective and ideal supplement for weight loss. Consuming a protein shake can effectively help you in effectively optimizing your workout which can lead you into burning a larger amount of calories and maintain muscle mass.

There has always been a debate on when should be a protein shake consumed for best weight loss results before a workout or after a workout? The answer is both the time why? Let us have a look at it.

Before Workout

Protein shakes are considered to be the best pre workout shakes as it helps you in improving your workout performance. Consuming a protein shake as a part of your regular meal two to four hours before a workout can increase your endurance level which enables you to take your workout to the next level. So the more you workout it is likely that a larger amount of calories and fat you will burn which will initially lead you to a better weight loss. You will find some well blended and high-end pre-workout shake for weight loss by Vitaloid.


Experts suggest that one should take a serving of protein shake within 30 minutes of workout to have an effective weight loss. A major advantage of consuming protein after a workout is that it helps in repairing and recovering the damaged which might have caused to your muscles during a workout. This can get your body re-energized quickly and make it ready for a more intense workout which means you can lose more amount of body fat and calories.

But one thing you should know that protein shakes will likely add a lot of extra calories to your diet which means that you should have it in a certain portion. So that you do not exceed the calorie count.

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